24 October 2004

my next new blog:

from my recent reading of the other main blogs (including harris or as he is now called HAZZA (have i missed summin here cos it sounds like a cheap rip off of gazza.....?) i can now see that i am refered to as only the CCF man. odd.

i dunno wot to say now, hm let me see.......

guess the book:

"Welcome. And congratulations. I am delighted that you could make it. Getting here wasn't easy, I know. In fact, I suspect it was a little tougher than you realize."

cook u should get this easily......


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Harris:

The book is A Short History of Nearly Everything by Bill Bryson!! Im sooo clever----------ish

7:33 pm  
Blogger Shifty said...

hang on, Harris, I swear you can't read...

O wait u just copied and pasted that into Google and up comes the answer

nice work THE Hazza Man

8:13 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have got it, but I was on holiday.
Aah, the all-purpose-holiday-excuse.
Works every time....

12:22 pm  

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