28 October 2004

the cool factor:

i havent dun much today except for my art homework, geo homework, english homework the list goes on......

but i have worked out stuff with the biggest kl factors:

a mouse with a laser on it: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/US/EN,CRID=3,CONTENTID=9043

a fingerprint reader:

ipod with colour screen:

one of the best looking pcs (if only you could buy anything that runs on it):

Festive 1.20m Fibre Optic Christmas Tree - For indoor or outdoor use:

and to round of a someone uneventful day hazza (as he is known in some circles) has apologised for the false statement that his blog was older than mine, "my blog has existed longer than his, so his is not a main blog (Craig that is)." and then he apologised, "I would like to apologise to THE ccf man, as i claimed that my blog is older than his, but it is infact, younger." Some would call this a day that freedom was given back to the people (dont ask me how).......

and as if that was not enuff i have decided on having the word or the day, or as it may well be known soon twotd (pronounced twotd), so the word of today is........



Blogger chris999998 said...

buy Virtual PC for mac, run win XP and then you cn run windows software. Voila!

8:24 pm  
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