19 November 2004


today was an average day. first was RE with bevan (because as usual dr walker was unavailable/not there/sick/ couldnt be bothered to teach us). then chemistry where we bantered on about an experiment we did to make chlorine gas. then drama with none other than mr scammel himself. it was going as drama always did then suddenly....... the fire bell rang, we looked at each other in shock and shear horror, looked at scammel, then each other, then scammel, then each other....... then he goes "oh arse" and we depart for the new playground then we were back and the day continued.

....but in the afternoon there was house music, and the most surprising thing was...... tindal came last and.......... chris roberts was doing some sound thing on some raised thing behind us. and then someone took some persons saxaphone which was obviously sabotage so were were destined to come third......

........and to round the day off i went with bugg, jack and harris to see teechers in the civic theatre. teechers was the strangest play i have ever seen. there were three people all playing different characters which was just plain strange. though it must be said it was quite impressive if at points the story didnt quite make sense......


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